About us

The Caruso Trade LTD, born from a long family tradition, is a leader company in the production of products for meat processing.

Since 1946, year of foundation of the firm, until today, the family Caruso continued to deal with the processing of abattoir, combining tradition and innovation experience, starting from the ancient methods of tanning of raw hides, the collection and first technique processing of guts that "to rub", keeping up to date and in step with the changes in the industry until the establishment of modern society "Carusto Trade Ltd.", which inherits therefore fifty years of experience in the industry and joins the awareness that for maintaining high quality standards, it is necessary to engage in a constant technological upgrading.
The Carusto Trade today provides the best productions of products to make the processing and presentation of prepared meat, suitable to the highest quality standards, so that the spirit which is based on the methodology adopted by Carusto Trade is summed up in "by Us: TOTAL QUALITY! ".
Characteristic features of our company are the use of modern technology, the knowledge of the market, the use of staff with long experience and great attention paid to hygiene and control of every single match.